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A boutique recording experience between The Whiskey & The Roxy on the world famous Sunset Strip.

Dub Room Studio Gear List


Neumann U87 Microphone, Neve 1081 Preamp (2), Urei 1176 Compressor (20), Tubetech CL1B Compressor, Yamaha NS10 Monitors, Event Opal Monitors, Digidesign 192 Interface (16x16), & Digidesign Control 24.


2015 Mac Pro (64gig Ram), Universal Audio Satellite 2 Thunderbolt Octo Core, Protools HD, Pegasus2 R4 Thunderbolt Drive Bay & many plug-ins including: Waves, Universal Audio, Crane Song, etc...


Taylor 314 Acoustic, Fender Strat (Clapton Sig) Electric PRS Electric, Epiphone Sheraton Electric Fender Jazz Bass, Premier Artist Birch Drums, Alesis Qs8 weighted 88 key keyboard, Nord Lead 2 Keyboard

Why Vintage Gear?

We choose select vintage gear here at the Dub Room Studio because vintage recording equipment is usually hand crafted piece by piece, with components that are either no longer in production or hard to find.

Our collection of vintage components add to the warmth and character that digital and most modern manufacturers who cut corners for profit simply cannot replicate.

  • Yamaha NS-10 Vintage Speakers
  • U87 Neumann Vintage Mic
  • Neve 1081 preamps
  • Vintage Neve 1073 music equipment
  • Urei Vintage 1176 at Dubroom Studio in LA
  • Neumann M149 microphone
U87 Microphone

This is a 1977 microphone in a class of its own. Vintage Microphones of this caliber have been heard on countless musical treasures, including the best selling album of all time: Thriller.

Neve Preamp 1081 (2)

The 1081 preamp circuitry is hand wired with a huge warm sound and tons of overhead that is only comparable to moms home made biscuits.

Neve 1073 Preamp & Eq

One of the most popular, sought after vintage microphone amplifier and EQ modules ever made. It's big, upfront warmth in sound lends a very high degree of musicality to any source.

Urei 1176 (2)

These vintage 1176's were previously owned and inspected by world renowned Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios. Smooth and thick, when paired with the u87 & Neve, it's the gravy on the biscuit.

Yamaha Ns10 Monitor

Vintage ns10's have been a staple in almost every major audio recording studio around the world, providing an extremely accurate near field monitoring solution.

Neumann M149 Mic

Although not vintage, grandmas' happy to see the new addition to the family. It's clarity and precision has unmistakable warmth with the perfect combo of vintage sound and modern technology.


Studio tuned by legendary Bob Hodas

Since 1993 Bob Hodas has traveled the world tuning well over 1000 rooms.

His work has taken him from Tokyo, for Sony Music Entertainment, to London for Abbey Road Mastering.

Hit mixer David Pensado, producer Tricky Stewart, composer Danny Elfman, and recording artist Stevie Wonder are among his many clients who demand accurate listening environments and speaker systems.

The Dub Room Studio Outdoor Lounge

Relax, take a break, create...the great outdoors is just steps away.

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The vibe and aesthetics alone puts you in a creative space with the feeling of back home, where it all started...

For over 9 years, The Dub Room Studio has been tucked away on the world famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA. It has been the creative hub for a variety of artist seeking a more intimate recording environment.

Andre Merrit (writer) Makeba Riddick (writer) Siedah Garrett (artist/writer) Denise Zuba (manager & recording) Troy

What The Dub Room Studio Clients Have To Say

  • "I like how it's right in the middle of everything but it's not exposed in the open" "it feels like home when I am there recording" "Ryan is one of the best engineers in town, he's fast and diligent and has a great ear"

    Andre Merrit (writer)
    Chris Brown | "Forever" - Rihanna | "Disturbia"
  • "The DubRoom on Sunset has become my favorite studio to work in. The vibe there is awesome, the mic sounds amazing and Ryan Pate is my favorite recording engineer hands down! Always a magical experience there"

    Makeba Riddick (writer)
    Rihanna | "Rude boy" - T.I. | "Live your life"
  • "Let me take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed working in your very efficient, clean, studio environment. You are a joy and a light"

    Siedah Garrett (artist/writer)
    Michael Jackson | "Man in the mirror"
  • "The Dub Room studio always provides a creative and comfortable environment for our writers"

    Denise Zuba (manager & recording)
    Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • "The combination of gear along side competitive rates allows my sound to compete with any major production out there. ¬†Because Ryan "Pate" is not just an engineer, but an all around creative genius, every client is sure to get the most abundant creative expression possible"

    Troy "Radio" Johnson (producer/writer)
    J.Lo | "Until it beats no more" - Will Smith

Meet Ryan Pate | Owner, Engineer, Musician

Growing up in Virginia beach Dub Room studio owner Ryan Pate once a sub contractor for the us government, with a secret clearance working on submarines and surface ships, always had a passion for music.

His musical journey began playing guitar and drums opening for such acts as Run DMC, Eek a Mouse, & George Clinton Parliament. Soon after his passion for recording, combined with his government technical engineering experience, led him on the path to Los Angeles where he then slept on couches to support the idea that he only wanted to purchase the best quality recording equipment available, so no corners were cut.

Today that grassroots passion remains the driving force behind the operation and the vibe of the Dub Room studio.



    Busta Rhymes

    Lauren Bennet


    Bruno Mars


    Jessie J

    Clinton Sparks


    Dj Felli Fel

    Kevin Rudolph

    Solange Knowles


    Colby Odonis




    Nick Jonas

    Lonzo Ball

    Kenny Latimore

    Tito Jackson

    TJ Jackson

    Siedah Garrett

    Ryan Lewis


    Take six

    Tommy Hilfiger

    MTV News

    Aron Carter

    Steve Morales


    Kevin Cossom

    Danja Handz

    James Fountleroy

    Andre Merrit

    The Writing Camp

    Christina Milian

    Makeba Riddick

    Cathy Dennis

    Jackie Boyz


    Roc Nation

    The Runners

    Foxx King

    Atlantic Records

    Universal records

    Sony Records

    EMI Music Publishing

    Bad Boy Records

    Notting Hill music pub

    Myspace Music

    Rob Lewis

    Nick Cooper


    Jazmine Sulivan

    Chiddy Bang

    Tony Royster Jr

    Skylar Grey


    The smeezingtons


    Chris Henderson

    Brody Brown

    Morris Day

    Paula Abdul


    Kevin Costner




Wolftyla Recording At Dub Room Studio

HBMG/Twelve20 Music Group Production with Ryan Pate

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